One month after initial release of Neposync, I've just released version 0.2.

In addition to bugfixes, this release brings two interesting features:

  • Ratings of MP3 files can be copied from Nepomuk to files metadata, and vice-versa (first version only supported image files).
  • Neposync can now connect to your Amarok collection, and synchronize Amarok ratings with files metadata.
    Syntax is intuitive: type neposync --amarok-to-files to copy Amarok ratings to files, and neposync --files-to-amarok to do the opposite operation.

You can find strange for the tool to perform synchronization with Amarok, which is far from the original goal, but needs are similar: will you spend hours to rate your MP3 files in Amarok if you have no guarantee these ratings will be kept if you move your files ?

Moreover, the two features brought together allow to copy Amarok ratings to Nepomuk:

neposync --amarok-to-files
neposync --files-to-nepomuk

or to copy Nepomuk ratings to Amarok:

neposync --nepomuk-to-files
neposync --files-to-amarok

The only drawback is that neposync now needs libmysqlclient to compile.


Neposync moved from gitorious to github, to benefit from its own bugtracker and downloads page. So if you had cloned the gitorious repository, please update your URL.

Neposync is a simple Qt C++ program, using KDE libs. At your choice, you can:

  • download the source tarfile
    To compile, just type qmake && make
  • retrieve git sources: git clone git://
  • install the ArchLinux package from AUR: just type yaourt neposync

Once again, please tell me if you use the tool, if you find bugs, or if you'd like to see a new feature. I'm also interested by packages for other Linux distributions.

Update: because of spam, I need to close comments for this post. If you have something to ask or a comment to do, please use the github page.