UPDATE: project moved to github, links updated. Plus, new post about new features of neposync.

With KDE SC 4.4 and integration of Virtuoso in distributions, semantic desktop is no more a futuristic project but a reality: I tested tagging, rating, filters in Gwenview, searches in Dolphin, all works fine.

But before starting the long work of tagging my gigabytes of photos, I wanted to be sure the work would not be lost if I change my computer or my distribution. The problem is that there is no utility to backup/export the Nepomuk Virtuoso database at this time. [1] [2]

So I decided to write a simple tool to:

  • read tags/ratings from Nepomuk and store them in files metadata (same metadata used by Digikam)
  • read tags/ratings from files metadata and store them in Nepomuk

This is a command-line tool very easy to use. You just cd to a directory containing images tagged/rated via Dolphin or Gwenview and you type:

neposync --nepomuk-to-files

That's it: all tags/ratings for images in the current directory are now stored in files metadata and will never be lost. If you copy these images on another KDE powered computer, you just have to type:

neposync --files-to-nepomuk

to fill Nepomuk database with your valuable manual work.

The tool also allows you to display all tags/ratings stored in Nepomuk, or to clear them (see usage below).


Neposync is a simple Qt C++ program, using KDE libs. At your choice, you can:

  • download the source tarfile: neposync-0.2.tar.gz
    To compile, just type qmake && make
  • retrieve git sources: git clone git://github.com/ericpignet/neposync.git
  • install the ArchLinux package from AUR: just type yaourt neposync

That's all for now.

Please tell me if you use the tool !


The full usage of the tool is:

Common usage:
  neposync -nf OPTIONS.. DIRECTORY
  neposync -fn OPTIONS.. DIRECTORY
  -nf, --nepomuk-to-files    Read tags/ratings from Nepomuk and store them in files metadata
  -fn, --files-to-nepomuk    Read tags/ratings from files metadata and store them in Nepomuk
  -dn, --display-nepomuk     Display all Nepomuk tags/ratings
  -cn, --clear-nepomuk       Clear all Nepomuk tags/ratings
  -r   --recursive           Recurse into sub-directories
  -f   --force               Copy tags/ratings even if empty on source side
  -V   --verbose             Display all nepomuk output (depending on KDebug settings)
  -h   --help                Display this usage information
DIRECTORY is optional, if absent the current directory is synchronized

Remark: neposync uses IPTC 'keyword' metadata to read/store tags in files (as Digikam)
        neposync uses XMP 'Rating' metadata to read/store ratings in files (as Digikam)


[1] I mean, nothing reliable. Save my soprano-virtuoso.db file is not option: nothing guarantees that if some files/configs are different on the new installation, nepomuk will not show an error at startup.

[2] There is a GSoc project, but who knows when something reliable is released.